We are extremely excited to announce that we at Aromatics are the first boutique day spa in Kenilworth to offer Craniosacral Therapy! 

Craniosacral Therapy improves the flow of the Cerebral Spinal fluid which bathes the brain and the spinal cord. The natural, unhindered flow of this fluid underpins the functions and health of all cells and tissues of the body and brain. 


Fascia is the connective tissue throughout the body, linking from head to foot - literally it stops us from falling apart! Often parts of the fascia gets stuck, stiff, hard or tight and this acts as a block, preventing the flow of energy, cell-to-cell communication, nutrients and blood - all necessary for the body to heal itself.


There are many causes of this, including accidents, shock and trauma. Over time there is a cumulative effect on the body, creating difficult physiological disease and buried emotional issues, which negatively affects the quality of our life.


Without using any outside force e.g. massage or manipulation, this therapy aids the release and resolves tension patterns. This in turn allows the body to return to its own natural flows. Without any paths of resistance for us to adapt around - a new easier organisation releases energy available and a permanent healing event has occurred.


Our role is quite different to many other complementary therapists. Craniosacral therapists 'listen' to your body and trust in its intelligence for finding balance (homeostasis) and correct itself. Listening alone, in a safe environment is often all that it needed to unlock whatever the root problem was that was causing your symptoms. Occasionally, we may augment and facilitates your intrinsic rhythms that lead to profound healing.


Our framework is unlike the medical model. Craniosacral therapy works with your wholeness body-mind-emotions-mental-spiritual as a whole and is orientated towards your health.

Marina our CS Practitioner:


“I first came across CranioSacral therapy (CST) more than 10 years ago when I absolutely accidentally got on a CST1 course in London. I am a left-brained person; I am a physicist by education. By the time I got on the workshop I had done quite a few courses on various specialised massages including deep tissue, sports massage, reflexology, etc. I loved Anatomy and Physiology. The human body fascinated me, but like every holistic therapist I was still looking for an ideal treatment that could be more helpful for my clients.

CST practically changed my life, but not from the very beginning. At CST1 and following courses I learned the techniques. In CS therapy we often use an extremely light touch and my left brain found it difficult to believe that this touch can be so powerful, but I could see absolutely amazing results of the treatments and eventually had to accept the power of the therapy.”

Craniosacral Therapy is particularly useful in the treatment of any condition causing any pain and distress, particularly those listed below:


Motor co-ordination problems

Alzheimers & dementia

Migraines/headaches, dizziness

Digestive problems

Adrenal fatigue, chronic stress

Hips, ankle & elbow joints.

Spinal injury, collapsed vertebrae & scoliosis.

Trapped nerves & sciatica.

Chronic neck & back pain.

Brain fog, indecisiveness & confusion.

Poor sleep & energy levels.

Autistic spectrum disorders.

Jaw lock & temporomandibular joint syndrome.

Sinus, eye & ear problems including tinnitus.

Head trauma, car accidents/surgery and physical insults to the body.

There is almost no condition that Craniosacral Therapy cannot help with; it is very grounding and profoundly relaxing.

55 mins – £65


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