Why Microblading is right for you!


Great brows have the ability to frame and lift the face, while opening the eyes.


Eyebrows are one of the most striking and important features of your face. As a result, many of us spend increasing amounts of times in achieving the right look for our face.  Microblading is a largely painless and straightforward procedure which supports this pursuit.


Microblading is effectively cosmetic tattooing with a hand tool dipped in customised colour to suit your natural brow shade. It is applied to the eyebrows with hair like strokes. 


This procedure can give you an instant brow lift making you look ten years younger, defining your features and framing your face, therefore opening up your eyes.


Every person should feel confident, beautiful, and empowered. Our aim is to create a beautiful natural look to frame and enhance your best features.


Microblading - Key Benefits


  • Frames your face

  • Saves time in the morning

  • Make up free brows

  • Naturally fuller brows

  • rub/smudge proof

  • Sweat/water proof

  • Weather proof


Prices start at £250.00. 


Procedures typically take between 2 and 2hrs 30 mins.


Our consultation is priced at £50.00, which is redeemable against your microblading procedure.


Further information available on request.

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