Pregnancy is a wonderful time as you prepare for the arrival of your little one…but we also understand the huge changes your body is going through. One minute you feel on top of the world and full of energy, the next, everything aches and the mere thought of food is enough to send you running to the toilet.

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy are a time to take extra care and follow all the advice your midwife gives you. There’s a lot happening to you and your baby and because of this, we recommend you don’t book any massage or holistic treatment until these first 12 weeks are over.

Treatments like waxing, facials (that don’t involve any hi-tech equipment), manicures and pedicures are all perfectly safe at any time of your pregnancy. However, you may find your body’s thermostat and sensitivity controls are acting up, so waxing may be more uncomfortable than you may be used to.


Treat Size Treatments:


Elemis facial to deep cleanse and rehydrate the skin

Indian Head & Shoulder treatment OR a treat size Back Massage to soothe aching muscles.

The Aromatics Sole Delight Foot Treatment with Pedicure: Pamper, Pamper, Pamper. A sensory experience for your feet, which promises to leave you walking on cloud nine!


1hr 30 mins – £78


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